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Is your child developmentally delayed? We can help.

2nd Annual Cyprus International Conference on Autism Treatment & Research

Neurodiversity, Individuality, and Opportunities for Life: 360 Support, Best Practices, and Shared Synergies.

IBCCES is proud to partner with Magic Always Happens as they host the 2nd Annual Cyprus International Conference on Autism Treatment and Research. We are excited to inform you that in 2016 speakers from 14+ countries addressed this conference, and we expect many more will do so in 2017! The conference will take place at Limassol, Cyprus on 17-21 November 2017.

All conference attendees will not only participate in the multi-day conference events, they also have the opportunity to achieve Autism Certification with either a Certified Autism Specialist or Autism Certificate credential. The conference offers 14 continuing education hours that count towards your Autism Certification, provided by IBCCES.


We are here to help developmentally delayed children achieve their potential, which is usually much higher than expected. We see excellent progress in the children that we work with and you are welcome to contact us for a free in person or Skype consultation.

The main site gives a detailed overview with many videos of the Waldon Approach/Functional Learning, and information on the recently published book Autism and Understanding. The National Autistic Society reviewer wrote: "this is a book I am going to treasure".

The Parents and Professional site provides comprehensive and free training for parents and professionals seeking to improve their effectiveness in working and playing with their children. The lectures and training were originally given at the Feuerstein Institute in Israel where the author was employed as a practitioner.

Walter Solomon is a parent, an author, a practitioner, and a trainer who works at the Waldon Center in Jerusalem.

Robert Solomon was written off at age two as retarded, remote and with shocking behavior His parents were recommended to place him in a home and get on with their lives. Thanks to the approach developed by the late neurologist, Dr. Geoffrey Waldon, Robert is now happily married with two beautiful children and pursues a successful career as a web developer. He is responsible for the development of this website.