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Become a Waldon Approach Facilitator or Work with Your Own Child

Neurologist Dr. Geoffrey Waldon developed a theory of child development based on close observation of children. He understood that 'meaning comes from movement' and that children's early understanding is derived from their early movements. Atypical children have often missed crucial developmental steps and consequently the developmental cascade which follows from them. They are left with gaps in their understanding which explains why they resort to avoidance and stereotypical behaviours. The Waldon Lesson seeks to recreate the conditions encountered by typical infants as their own motivation takes them through the fundamental learning process, and they naturally develop and apply what Waldon called the learning-how-to-learn-tools and their precursors. For the developmentally delayed children these steps are introduced in the lesson at the appropriate time and the Waldon Lesson becomes the vehicle for them to encounter and practice any developmental stages which they have missed. The lesson creates the natural environment of the infant as closely as possible. The student's motivation is the pleasure derived from the action. There is no success or failure. There is simply doing. The lesson is given once per day for a period of up to one hour, ideally by a parent with support from a Waldon facilitator.

The Pattern of Development of General Understanding is shown in the following chart.

Training can be done at your own pace but the sessions are split up into weekly segments. There are three introductory lectures followed by 12 practical sessions. There is no charge for the on line course but if you would like a Skype meeting that option is available. You can Skype to discuss, ask questions or, and this is recommended, to let us see you working with your own child and give you our feedback in real time.

Please start by watching this one hour introduction to The Waldon Approach:

Waldon Approach Training 1 Introduction and Theory
Waldon Approach Training 1a The Tree of Understanding
Waldon Approach Training 1b The Waldon Lesson
The two documents below are intended as a guide for any parent, teacher or practitioner who is giving Waldon Approach/Functional Learning lessons.
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  1. The Waldon Lesson (68kb)
  2. Waldon Practitioner or Facilitator (30kb)
Waldon Approach Training 2 Banging and Scraping
Waldon Approach Training 3 Scribbling
Waldon Approach Training 4 Acquiring and Disposing
Waldon Approach Training 5 Pairing with Identical Objects
Waldon Approach Training 6 Separating
Waldon Approach Training 7 Sequencing
Waldon Approach Training 8 Revision
Waldon Approach Training 9 Matching
Waldon Approach Training 10 Sorting
Waldon Approach Training 11 Brick Building
Waldon Approach Training 12 Intersectional Sorting
Waldon Approach Training 13 Introduction Revision
Additional Reading:
  1. Understanding UNDERSTANDING - Geoffrey Waldon
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  3. School Study from Iceland - Jiri Bergert