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Autism and Understanding: The Waldon Approach to Child Development (Paperback)

Walter Solomon, Chris Holland, Mary Jo Middleton
Walter Solomon's book Autism and Understanding
₪ 120
The author sets out an approach based on Dr Geoffrey Waldon's philosophy of the development of understanding, which centres on helping children learn-how-to-learn. The book includes:

The inspirational and well documented story of the author's son, diagnosed at two with autism and as 'basically sub-normal', now a successful professional with a wife and child.

An introduction to Geoffrey Waldon's theory and working methods.

Testimony from parents and teachers, covering autism and a range of learning difficulties. -

This book does not offer a 'miracle cure' for autism, although the author aims to counteract the prevailing view that autism is a lifetime condition. The author demonstrates that with the appropriate intervention, children with autism - and other special needs - can gain a fuller understanding of the world and learn to take a constructive and contributing place in it.

Teachers, therapists, doctors, parents and special interest groups will find this book an important and potentially transformational read.
Every Child Can Learn: Using learning tools and play to help children with Developmental Delay (Book & CD-ROM)

Katrin Stroh, Thelma Robinson, Alan Proctor
Katrin Stroh's book Every Child Can Learn
₪ 250
Based on the authors' own clinical practice and extensive experience in the field, this book is a creative and flexible aid to helping children with learning difficulties. Their accessible and positive approach, 'Functional Learning', focuses on helping children learn, children's potential, and what they can rather than cannot do. It is based on the purposeful 'doing' by the young child and can be carried out at home, school or the therapy room with either parents, teacher or therapist. The approach, which is cross-cultural, can be extended to all aspects of the child's life, and enables them to participate in everyday activities at home and school.

Fully illustrated, the book draws extensively on the authors' many years of practical work and offers techniques and activities used to help children develop their learning with a focus on:

Development of Learning Tools -
Working with parents -
Language and communication -
Behaviour and emotional development -
Integration of learning into everyday life -

The book includes a CD-Rom/DVD with printable material for making cards and worksheets, plus illustrative video material. This book is suitable for anyone working with or caring for a child with learning difficulties, SEN teachers and SENCOs, those running training courses for early years workers, teacher training and child development courses, as well as parents.