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Video 22:
Use of spoon and fork
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and reverse by tapping the escape key.
David uses a spoon and fork to pick up and place cubes into a cup.
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Men in boats with Carol
1. Men in boats with Carol
2. Picking up and putting in with Carol
Men in boats with David
3. Men in boats - methinks David protests too much
4. More bricks and fewer protests from David
5. Effortful and continuous behaviour
6. Matching objects with Carol
7. David pairs to an asking hand
Sorting with Carol
8. Sorting with Carol
9. Sorting with David
10. Rings and pegs with David
Rings and pegs with Carol
11. Rings and pegs and Carol
12. Sorting on three boards with David
Matching using an H-Board with Carol
13. Matching using an H-Board with Carol
14. Matching on H-Boards with David
Carol posts counters
15. Carol posts counters
16. David posts counters
Carol makes marks
17. Carol makes marks
18. David works with construction bricks
19. David works with a constructional toy
20. A simple task made effortful holds David's attention
21. David bangs
22. Use of spoon and fork
23. Use of tongs